“Harvester of Eyes, that’s me, and I see all there is to see.”

Welcome to the SRPG Academy, fellow strategist!

A little bit about me: I’m a lifelong fan of SRPGs (Strategy Role Playing Games), also known as “TRPGs,” (Tactical Role Playing Games). It’s a love affair that started during my childhood with Langrisser and Shining Force on the Sega Genesis, crystallized with Dofus and Gameboy Advance Fire Emblem, and has since blossomed due to my exposure to countless other great games like Bahamut Lagoon, World’s End, Valhollian, King’s Bounty, Banner of the Maid, Eternal Eyes, and so many more. As you probably know, I have channels on Utreon, Odysee, and YouTube (there is no “you” in their business model anymore, so it’s just “Tube”), where I cover the SRPG genre by providing reviews, tier lists, tutorials, let’s plays, news, and such. However, I do not simply want to be known as a “YouTuber,” or even a video producer, more broadly. There’s so much more that I can offer aside from just editing videos. And that brings us to SRPG Academy.

Here, you can expect to find much of the same: news, reviews, map-by-map tutorials, tier lists, unit analyses, and sometimes, translations. Logistically, I unfortunately can’t cover every single SRPG in depth, due to limited time and resources. Thus, this site will also function to some extent as a content aggregator, periodically linking and referencing other websites – of course providing credit where it’s due. This also means that I will be on the lookout for contributors who are willing to offer walkthroughs, opinion pieces, translations, and any other SRPG articles. If you also love SRPGs, then you probably have the wherewithal to help build up the Academy!

Ultimately, my goal for this website, and for my videosharing channels, is twofold: 1) to bring these games to a wider audience and 2) to make them more accessible by offering tips, tricks, in-depth analyses, and general strategies. The SRPG genre has been criminally underlooked and misunderstood; it deserves more; and I want to do my part to fix this. And hopefully, you do too!

“Shining a light on the strategic – one map at a time.”

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