Banner of the Maid is a game developed, I believe, in Taiwan and published in 2019. It thankfully received an English translation in 2020. With some pretty graphics and blatantly fanservicey characters, Banner of the Maid is a game which easily catches your eye – and that may not be an entirely good thing. After all, there are plenty of reasons to be wary of games which market themselves with shameless anime stylings, obviously pandering to thirsty, desperate horndogs in doing so.

Fortunately, any such negative expectations are quickly subverted by a cavalcade of solid gameplay decisions. Banner of the Maid at first glance appears to be a Final Fantasy Tactics clone (which is also cause for concern, given how abysmal a game the original FFT was), but upon closer examination, it reveals itself to be isometric Fire Emblem. In France. With Chinese voice acting. Yeah, it’s an interesting mix, to say the least. Many FE conventions are found here, such as a weapon triangle quadrilateral, units with canto, weapon durability, trading, one-time promotions, and weather. Thus, I’m giving the game the “Fire Emblem” category for this website’s purposes. Deal with it.

Although it’s not a perfect game, owing to its less-than-stellar translation, it’s still got quite a bit to offer for fans of isometric SRPGs and fans of Fire Emblem. It’s one of many great SRPGs to have come out within the past few years – a classic example of how independent developers have routinely risen up to the occasion and have sometimes outdone the big names in the process.

General Information
Year: 1789 2019
Console: PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One
Developers: Azure Flame Studios
* My review:
General tips
Characters (currently hosted on GameFAQs, although this guide is indeed written by me)
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