Love him or hate him, you gotta at least appreciate how Donald Trump gave us a boatload of memes. I mean believe me, folks – nobody knows memes like I do. I’ve seen many memes. I know memes like nobody else. I have the great memes, the greatest, arguably the funniest memes from the standpoint of being funny. Believe me. I know memes, so let me tell you: Donald Trump is one of the greats, possibly the greatest, meme president in the history of meme presidents. Absolutely tremendous. Whether it’s covfefe, hamberders, or winning bigly (or is it “big league?”), The Donald has given us no shortage of wacky neologisms which have proliferated into modern-day vernacular. And the world is all the better for it. 

…Super Trump SRPG feels like an inevitable consequence of the Trump Effect. This is what happens when meme culture gets out of hand. 

Alongside Trump-isms like “small loans of a million dollars” and “building a wall and making Mexico pay for it,” Super Trump SRPG also uses quite a few Fire Emblem memetic figures such as Batta the Beast and Doga, who chokes points

Basically, it’s what would happen if r/shitpostemblem met and spent an entire drunken night screwing around in SRPG Studio. 

I was a tad disappointed that we didn’t see any mention of Gheb or Dorcas, but I suppose you can only go so far before you start to OD on the memes. Instead, Super Trump SRPG features Democrats wielding “Illegal Javelins,” a giant Alm who does nothing, and Hillary Clinton as the boss of the first battle.

Your second battle is where the game ends. A “serious” playthrough will probably take around 10 minutes; a speedrun will take you around 30 seconds. Yeah, this game isn’t intended to be a serious SRPG at all. It’s a dumb joke, but at least it’s free.

General Information
Year: 2020
Console: Windows, Mac
Developers: Oersted of Lucretia
Download the game here:

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