Der Langrisser it is it is a great game, first for nintendo snaps, restored FROM NEC PC-FX, ps1 and wise saturn, and more steam, steam and flexibility. the ground is open for lut tiltih asks you what you can be to the space vortex between el saria. It is. The story begins with Hayne’s best friend, Quanghu. Her childhood friend, Lee anna, came five-on-one when Cesare Bern Hull to soldiers asked her to come to her palace. Leone and Ray ardo, a good second from the Aldo and the other two. Later, Gwenhoe, Hayne and Liana fled the Hausa Temple with Low Moth looking for Scottish truths in search of a lost Soviet Na (You bear this plot so far?). Send the ball with your ass against Chiery, her ass is grands, best ass in Kalxath. the hereos quang hu get sacred sword langrisser made of the red sandalwood, and fight the demonbane sword of Aljazeera toen by Bern hull to, and his four minions Leone, Im Elda (the keepr of huge milk), bargas, and Egg burn. This is a good conversation with many endings, It is. For example, you can join the empire and find out why the helmets and ag-barts born stop the truth of darkness. You can join the evil comedy and learn the juuuuuuuuu___
Like a real crazy villain. It is. If you want to betray mina and become the ruler of the government, but for great justice, the pieces can bring a monster to humanity. but then yuo cannot save Lee Anna and her mister lana of the the red sandalwood in hiking trash. In strategery, taste saves him? there are horders of red sanlewood bears, lawn movers and pegasi warriors to order until capitulation.

Very good game. It plays???