For a long time, I’ve been excited to talk about this one, so I’m happy to write that as of 17FEB2021, it’s finally released in English! Why is it so exciting? Because it’s the ONLY SRPG I’ve ever seen which takes obvious inspiration from Langrisser… which is unfortunate, because Langrisser is one of the oldest and best SRPG franchises in existence. At a first glance, Conviction may not look too impressive because of its RPG Maker graphics. Admittedly, this can be off-putting to some. Yet, it’s only $15 on Steam. And where else are you going to go if you want more Langrisser games?

I played it while it was still in early access; you can find my full Let’s Play here on Utreon. The best way I can describe it is that it’s a Langrisser 2/Der Langrisser clone. The 10 HP system, the weapon triangle, the troops, the spells, the ballistae, the class advancements – it’s all there. Indeed, the creator of the game, a fine chap who goes by the name “Chimaki,” confided in me that Langrisser 2 is his favorite in the series. I must say: he has impeccable taste! Because of the obvious influence of L2, I would say that this game’s basically a love letter to L2, and as such, is something I highly recommend checking out if you enjoy L2. It’s more of a Langrisser game than Langrisser HD was, strangely enough (not that Langrisser HD was a bad game, mind you; I’m just saying that Conviction sticks to the source material’s mechanics better).

Another reason I find the game particularly compelling is that it’s entirely independently developed. A lot of big-name companies can get away with churning out subpar games, simply on the basis of name recognition alone. I don’t like that. Independent developers, on the other hand, have much greater incentive to produce quality games. They’re basically the small businesses of the gaming world, and I’ve always been a huge proponent of supporting small business.

Final Fantasy Tactics is like McDonald’s. McDonald’s sucks, yet they’re kept in business by a segment of the population who don’t give a rat’s ass about quality. Or, as often as is the case, those who simply haven’t tried anything but FFT/McDonald’s. (Seriously, don’t be one of the paint-sniffers who claims that FFT is the greatest SRPG ever made.) By comparison, Conviction is more like your local burger joint, or smalltime diner. It’s not as well-known, but it’s much higher quality, and its owners actually care about their customers. That in itself should be a good reason to give it a shot.

Of course, I’m not saying Conviction is the best game ever, nor am I saying it eclipses the best of what Langrisser had to offer. I’m not even saying it’s an original game… or a graphically appealing one. However, I do believe that, like your typical small business, Chimaki cares about the players and cherishes our support. I believe that if he creates another game, it’ll be even better because he’ll take feedback and criticism into account.

If nothing else, check it out and decide for yourself whether to buy it. It’s $15, which is more than a fair price if you ask me, considering how well-made the game is and how much replay value it has (four total paths, just like in Der Langrisser).

General Information
Year: 2021
Console: PC, Mac
Developers: Chimaki
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Check out Conviction on Steam:

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Brian Freebern
Brian Freebern
11 months ago

So far I’m enjoying it. I however love pretty much anything that feels like classic Warsong/Langrisser. Feels like a good amount of game to at the price point.

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