It seems like just last week I wrote a brief article about a Fire Emblem clone hitting the market… oh wait, yeah, that was last week. I’ll give you the skinny right now though: Rise Eterna is definitely not a good SRPG recommendation. More on that later though. The main point of this brief article is to simply announce that Dark Deity, another Fire Emblem clone, has been released. I have no idea how good a game it is, but I did buy it. It’s currently downloading onto my PC, so stay tuned for more Dark Deity content in the days to come.

Check it out here:

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Clint Brown
7 months ago

I was having a good time with this one(on chapter 13) but I’ve read from some steam reviews the farther you go into the campaign the worse the maps/aesthetic gets. it seems unfinished per many users.

Clint Brown
Reply to  Harvester of Eyes
7 months ago

Yea I got bored. I may try and finish it this weekend or I may buy Mario Golf 😛

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