Thanks to Memorial Day, I’ll have Monday off, giving me some much needed time to write about SRPGs. Hooray! Another cause for celebration is the announcement of Reverie Knights Tactics.

As of now, 1C has been involved in publishing all the Katauri King’s Bounty games, Fell Seal, Ascension to the Throne, and Elven Legacy. They’re also busy at work developing the newest King’s Bounty title, and will also be working with 40 Giants Entertainment to bring us Reverie Knight Tactics. (40 Giants are the developers; 1C are the publishers.) From where I’m standing, they’ve been a net positive for all SRPG lovers out there; even if they’re not developing most of these games, they nonetheless have an eye for scouting out enjoyable SRPGs and bringing them to a wider audience. 40 Giants, meanwhile, are a Brazilian startup company. They have yet to show what they’re capable of, but Reverie Knight Tactics may very well prove to be a strong debut.

There’s not much to say about Reverie Knights Tactics so far, so this’ll be a short post. My main purpose for writing this is to simply spread awareness and maybe get this game on a few people’s watchlists. All we really have right now is a handful of screenshots and a 1:30 trailer. Reverie Knights Tactics, from what I can tell, seems like one of many SRPGs that takes influence from Tactics Ogre. It’s isometric and features a crafting system. Something about the graphical style also reminds me a bit of Telepath Tactics. Speaking of which, Sinister Design’s going to be releasing Together in Battle later this year… so between Reverie Knights, King’s Bounty 2, and Together in Battle, 2021 is looking to be a bright year for SRPGs!

Check out Reverie Knights Tactics’ Steam page here.

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