I don’t really keep up with gaming news, so I’m probably a bit late to this, dood. But it’s fairly noteworthy, so I’ll do a quick post here, dood. Please keep in mind that I haven’t played most of these; I’m not very familiar with many of Nippon Ichi’s games, although I’ve been trying to rectify this problem by playing more of them, dood.

One thing I really respect about NIS is how much work they put towards making their old games accessible in the modern age, dood. Come this summer, NIS will have ported all of their old SRPGs to modern consoles, with the three exceptions of Disgaea 3, Disgaea D2, and Angel Blade: Neo Tokyo Guardians, dood. I’ve noticed the Xcom games have done likewise, which is nice, dood. I wish other publishers/developers follow suit for classic SRPG series like Super Robot Wars, Langrisser, Shining Force (at least 1/2 are readily available these days), Front Mission, Arc the Lad, and others, dood. Even Fire Emblem, despite being the most important SRPG series of all time, doesn’t offer any ways to play the vast majority of its games on modern consoles, dood. So many great SRPGs exist, but it can be a bit disappointing to see that modern gamers have no way of playing them, dood.

Given this reality, I very much appreciate NIS’ effort of making almost all of their games accessible, even if some of their games aren’t very enjoyable for me, zam. Anyway, here’s the list of upcoming SRPGs, zam:

  1. Makai Kingdom on 10 May 2022 (Switch, Steam). Originally released on 17 March 2005. A spinoff of Disgaea.
  2. ZHP: Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman on 10 May 2022 (Switch, Steam). Originally released on 11 March 2010. A SRPG with roguelike elements. Unrelated to Disgaea.
  3. Disgaea 6 Complete on 28 June 2022 (Steam, PS4, PS5). Originally released on 28 January 2021, which is quite recently. Here’s NIS’ list of features. If you already have Disgaea 6, I’m not sure how wise it would be to buy this one, especially considering that price tag. But I’m sure there are some megafans of Disgaea out there who might want this, or some first-time players who didn’t play the original Disgaea 6 and would like an “enhanced” version.
  4. La Pucelle: Ragnarok at an unspecified date in Summer of 2022 (Steam, Switch). Originally released on 26 November 2009; this is the remake of the original La Pucelle: Tactics which was first released on 31 January 2002. Mechanically, this is the game which paved the way forward for Disgaea, so it’s very much worth playing for the historical context. I actually covered this one earlier this year and thought it was a very good game, albeit with a very bad difficulty spike at the very end of the game. Admittedly, I have not played the PSP remake, so I don’t know if this updated version will have ironed out some of the flaws with the original. Knowing NIS’ track record however, I’d wager that it’s probably an improvement.
  5. Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure at an unspecified date in Summer of 2022 (Steam, Switch). Originally released for the PS1 on 17 December 1998 and remade for the DS on 7 August 2008. This was NIS’ first SRPG that they officially released outside of Japan (Angel Blade: Neo Tokyo Guardians was their first SRPG, back in 1997) and it’s a cult classic. From what I’ve seen, it looks like the DS remake made many changes when compared to the PS1 version. I’m not certain which version we’ll be getting this Summer, but either way, this is one to keep on your radar.

Just for reference, here are some other NIS SRPGs that are also available for modern consoles, zam. Many of them are deeply discounted until 8 May 2022, zam:

  1. Soul Nomad and the World Eaters
  2. Disgaea 1 (not sure if this is “Complete?”)
  3. Disgaea 2 (also not sure if this is “Complete”, but I do know it has the DLC characters, zam)
  4. Disgaea 4 Complete
  5. Disgaea 5 Complete
  6. Phantom Brave, although I don’t personally recommend this one because of how grindy it is

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