Congratulations to all you cyberbullies, shitheads, and degenerate scumbags: you win, as always. Life isn’t fair; you bad guys always win. Today, you’ve just bullied another honest man into submission. I don’t want to keep fighting and defending myself against absurd, idiotic, unfounded claims. I’m a pacifist. A runner. Not a fighter. Shame on me, but whatever. I don’t care anymore; I just want some fucking peace and quiet. I’m tired.

I have no desire to create any more videos or write any more articles. Despite all my work towards building this site and encouraging other SRPG fans to help out, it is clearly not growing at all. I’ve had to come to terms with the painful reality that, as much as I love SRPGs, there are only a handful of other people on the planet who genuinely care about the genre as I do.

I still love the SRPG genre, and probably will until the day I die. That’s why I can’t bear to see it continually get abused. The genre deserves better than the treatment it gets. But the fanbase itself doesn’t deserve shit.

The SRPG fanbase is fucking garbage.

Most “SRPG fans” don’t give a shit about the genre. They’re close-minded NPCs. They might like Fire Emblem, or they might like Shining Force, or they might like Disgaea, or they might like Disciples or whatever other game, and they think that liking 2 or 3 SRPGs makes them a “SRPG fan…” despite not bothering to check out the 400+ other SRPGs out there. Instead, they just stay in their little bubble and replay the same 2 or 3 SRPGs over and over. It’s like if I were to call myself a “FPS fan” just because I liked Pokemon Snap. How utterly ridiculous would that be? These nimrods take the genre for granted and have zero desire to broaden their horizons. They’d rather get into long, pointless arguments about inconsequential nitpicks in their arbitrary choice of 1 or 2 SRPGs, rather than venture out and experience all the genre has to offer. They don’t care about the SRPG genre; all they care about is puffing up themselves and making themselves feel smart. Even though they’re really not.

Thus, you can see where problems start to arise with SRPG Academy. I wanted to create a site which chronicled all sorts of SRPGs: western and eastern, indie and AAA, retro and modern. It could’ve brought SRPG fans from all backgrounds together: imagine a Kartia fan, a Pokemon Conquest fan, an Arc the Lad fan, a Berwick Saga fan, a Spectral Souls fan, and more, all under one tent, sharing games and discussing them together. I thought it was a great idea. After all, nobody else was doing what SRPG Academy was doing. But I should’ve realized that’s because nobody fucking cares. The vast majority of “SRPG fans” are too close-minded – the average “SRPG fans” care about less than 1% of what the genre has to offer. They’re ungrateful, complacent, nostalgia-addled idiots. As such, SRPG Academy never would’ve provided any value to them, no matter how great it ever became.

Aside from having those aforementioned closeminded, smooth-brained NPCs, the SRPG fanbase has another problem. Namely, it’s completely infested with bullies who don’t understand strategic gameplay. Bullies who think that FFT or Tactics Ogre PSP are the benchmarks for SRPGs, despite them being objectively some of the worst-designed games of all time. These bullies are some of the most toxic people I’ve seen on the internet. Because of the way they have continually degraded and harassed me, I have nothing but utter contempt for all of them. They are by far the worst people I’ve ever met on the internet, and because I spent all this time covering SRPGs, I could never escape from them. They’re a fucking tumor which refuses to stop metastasizing. Constantly defending myself from their harassment is too much of a chore, but it’s a chore that I would never get rid of as long as I covered any SRPGs.

What remains of the SRPG fanbase is consummately unsalvageable. Making this website and trying to unify a community of passionate SRPG fans was an exercise in futility. A mistake. A waste of my time.

The game is unfair. The only way to win is to not play.

I have already played over a hundred SRPGs, and I still feel I have barely scratched the surface of the genre. There are hundreds of additional SRPGs that I wanted to cover here, but I ultimately realized, “what’s the point?” I’m preaching to the choir. Aside from an extremely limited subset of people, nobody cares. Even after 80+ articles, this website is not reaching anyone aside from that extremely limited subset of people. It’s not worth the time and effort. I basically treated this like a part-time job, and yet I got nothing for it. It’s a rigged system where nothing I do matters. Why should I bother trying to play a game where the deck is clearly stacked against me? The wiser choice is to not play.

Furthermore, it’s been made clear as day that nothing I do here is appreciated. Despite me never picking fights with anyone, despite me never insulting anyone, all I get is people harassing me. Incessantly. All people want to do is endlessly insult, argue, and criticize me for every little step I take. People are ungrateful, vile, toxic leeches who clearly want me gone. I am constantly and repeatedly being bullied, not only by monopolistic organizations who hate me, but by twisted fucks who get off to the thought of insulting other people (in other words: FFT fans). Any sane person in my situation would’ve quit a long time ago.

In a fair world, SRPG Academy would’ve taken off and cultivated a modest, but at least sizeable following after over a year of consistent articles. But we don’t live in a fair world… at least not when it comes to content creation. The world is still a great place in many ways, but the way it treats content creation is completely unbalanced and unjust. Accordingly, I wash my hands of this and want no further part in it. Never again shall I ever even think of being a content creator. There are better, more rewarding things to do with my time. I deserve better than this.

I will be deleting on this website on 1 July, 2022. In the meantime, all of my own articles have been deleted. Anarch16Sync and ShintoCetra are free to do whatever they want with their articles.

I’m utterly sick of it all: the bullies, the close-minded morons, the complacent asses who enable evil corporations to get away with evil acts, the futility of it all. Fuck all of that. I wanted more for this site, but it’s become plain as day that SRPG Academy was never appreciated and never will be appreciated. Just like the SRPG genre itself: it’ll forever remain underappreciated, misunderstood, and mistreated by the malicious majority of people.

To the handful of people who actually cared about this website, and actually cared about SRPGs: I’m sorry, and I wish things could’ve turned out differently.

To everyone else: go eat a bag of dicks. You never deserved this website. You never deserved to experience any number of actually great SRPGs, like Energy Breaker, Bahamut Lagoon, Fire Emblem 4, Shining Force 3, Gorky 17, Sakura Wars, Front Mission 2, Grand Guilds, World’s End, Telepath Tactics Liberated, Vandal Hearts, Langrisser 2, King’s Bounty: Armored Princess, Super Dungeon Tactics, TearRing Saga, Chroma Squad, Valhollian, Banner of the Maid, Children of the Zodiarcs, and countless others. Go wallow in your piss-stained mud puddle of awful games, as befitting the awful people you are. Go fuck yourselves in an incestuous FFT-fellating circlejerk. Do what you want, but just stay far from me. May we never meet again.

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