Unfortunately, we didn’t get any Fire Emblem news today, but on the positive, Nintendo + Square Enix announced this game: Project Triangle Strategy! …I sincerely hope they change the name before the final release. Watch the trailer below if you’d like.

I played about an hour’s worth of the demo because I wanted to get a feel for it. One hour – no more, no less – because I didn’t want to spoil too much. If you have a Switch, then I’d recommend checking the game out for yourself, too. The demo’s free of charge, and perhaps it’ll keep you occupied for a nice, tranquil evening! So what are my thoughts on the game?

In short, I think it looks very promising. Although I’m bummed FE4’s not getting a remake (not yet, at least), this is a decent title to look forward to in 2022. And hey, 2021’s given us Conviction and King’s Bounty 2! Triangle Strategy takes many different ideas previously seen in other SRPGs and synthesizes them into a very promising package. Ideas such as:

  • Some degree of exploration, a la Eternal Eyes. Similar graphics, too
  • A story system that awards you different characters depending on your choices and alignment, a la Feda and Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together
  • A combo attack system, a la Valhollian
  • Completely adjustable camera, a la Mystaria, but better! (No first person though, which is fine IMO)
  • Spells which can affect terrain, a la Bahamut Lagoon
  • Units with pronounced abilities and niches. For instance, the first playable battle gives you a tank, a mage who can manipulate terrain, a mobile horseman, an archer, and more
  • A storyline which is perhaps more complicated and obtuse than it needs to be, a la Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together

Probably the game most similar to Triangle Strategy would be Tactics Ogre’s PSP remake. However, I’m finding so far that Triangle Strategy is far more competent. For one thing, the camera is never an issue. For another, the controls are intuitive and the UI never has you running circles just to do something as trivial as ending your turn. For yet another, units are far more distinguished from one another than they were in Tactics Ogre PSP, where you wanted everyone using basically the same skills. Still, I find that the influence is a good thing; I feel that Triangle Strategy takes what worked from Tactics Ogre (i.e. the graphics, the storyline, certain facets of the battle system), while minimizing what sucked about it (i.e. controls, interface, unit homogeneity). What’s still an uncertainty is whether or not Triangle Strategy will be a grindfest. This remains to be seen and is potentially a cause for concern; however, given what I’ve seen so far, I’d say it’s reasonable to believe that Triangle Strategy will ultimately be decently designed.

And now to wait to see if they ever announce a physical release. But until then, if you want more information about how the game works, you can A) try it for yourself if you have a Switch or B) check out my video where I try it out.

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11 months ago

I like your initial impressions of the demo, Harv! Lots of comparisons to previous SRPGs, and you were a bit hopeful it will improve upon LUCT’s UI and story. Pretty brief, but awesome impressions since it was short enough for me to read through before I head off for errands lol

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