This article will encompass five games total: Falnarion Tactics, Falnarion Tactics 2, Aeloren Tactics, Tales of Beasteria, and Falnarion Tactics: Oathbreaker, all developed by Team Syukino with the use of SRPG Studio. There’s also another game called “Eucycla Tactics,” but I didn’t bother with that one because even if it’s free, I doubt it’s worth my time.

These are not good games.

Falnarion Tactics (February 2019)

I admittedly kind of like this game. However, I won’t say it’s a good game because it isn’t; it’s bad in a way that accidentally manages to be stupidly enjoyable. I don’t think it’s fair to give the game credit for accidental design.

There are many things wrong with this game:

  • Falnarion Tactics has more typos than your 9-year-old child’s first essay. This obviously isn’t a major issue; however, the presence of blatant typos even in the game’s opening text scroll are a good reflection of the game’s overall quality.
  • The game intermittently crashes on me. I don’t think this is a problem with my computer, because all the other Syukino games worked without any crashes.
  • Every item is available in the shop from the first chapter. The game gives you so much gold that you can buy just about anything your heart desires by the time you’re halfway through the game.
  • Units are not balanced at all. Felm and Selten are capable of soloing entire maps.
  • Weapons are not balanced at all. There’s a sword called the “Mage Killer” which has ridiculous attack, 10 range, and very lenient wield requirements. My base level units could easily one-shot enemies in the penultimate chapter because of how busted the Mage Killer swords are.
  • Map design is horrid. Just like in FE Gaiden, most maps are wide-open expanses with no real thought put behind them.
  • Falnarion Tactics’ idea of game balance is to just throw >100 enemies at you and call it a day. This isn’t good or creative game design.

Virtually everything about the game is broken on a fundamental level. This is precisely why I find it oddly enjoyable. It’s completely broken… but it’s broken in a way that favors the player. In case you don’t believe me, I’d refer you to my speedrun.

Falnarion Tactics 2 (July 2019)

This is the next installment in the Falnarion series. Team Syukino evidently attempted to improve the game balance. Unfortunately, these efforts fell flat. Team Syukino went way overboard with nerfing everything: characters are now way too weak instead of being way too strong. This can be annoying because Falnarion Tactics 2 still throws you inordinate amounts of enemies for every single battle. This approach sort of worked in Falnarion 1 because there’s a certain sort of dumb entertainment to be derived from having one or two uber units mow down over 100 soldiers at once. In Falnarion 2 though, it’s just frustrating more than it is anything else.

A typical battle in Falnarion Tactics. The yellow area is the danger zone. Of course, it spans the entire map.

One thing in particular that screams “lazy game design” is the gratuitous amount of maps that are recycled from Falnarion Tactics 1. Sure, you could say that Fire Emblems 7 and 10 did this too, but in those games, it was only one or two maps that were recycled. In Falnarion Tactics 2, I counted three maps in a row that were recycled from the original game. I didn’t even beat the game, so who knows how many more maps were reused?

What annoyed me most about Falnarion Tactics 2 is how often the game lies to you. Map objectives are simply not accurate.

In this screenshot, I’ve already killed Lt. Brune. Yet, the battle isn’t over.

If a battle says you need to kill the boss to win, you can ignore that because what the game actually meant to say is “kill all enemies.” If a battle says you need to “attack a certain kingdom,” you can ignore that because what the game actually meant to say is “kill all enemies.” If a battle says you lose if “all units are dead,” you can ignore that because what the game actually meant to say is “you lose if your main character dies.”

Stuff like this betrays an utter lack of any testing whatsoever. I didn’t bother finishing Falnarion Tactics 2. Why should I? The game clearly does not respect my time, so why should I go out of my way to accommodate its severe issues?

Tales of Beasteria (December 2019)

Tales of Beasteria is a “spinoff” of Falnarion Tactics. You can buy this one for $6 on their website. I’m not going to bother with it because $6 is too much to spend for one of these games. I got the other ones on Steam during the Black Friday sale and even then, I’m not sure it was worth it.

Aeloren Tactics (August 2020)

It feels like Team Syukino’s games keep getting worse and worse as the years go by. Aeloren Tactics is even worse than Falnarion Tactics 2.

Somehow, the spelling mistakes are getting even worse.

According to the devs on Steam, all the writing was done by someone “fluent in English.” If true, then this person seriously needs to brush up on their spelling, grammar, and creative writing skills. I understand that conjuring creative metaphors and comparisons can sometimes be like trying to pull a tapeworm out of a rectum, but come on – basic spelling mistakes like these are unacceptable even at a high-school level. Moreover, I’d add that if you’re dedicating yourself to writing the story of a game, then you owe it to yourself to step up your game.

I guess the quality of the writing in Aeloren Tactics (and the other Syukino games) is reflective of the overall quality, though. Yes, the writer needs to step up their game, but so does everyone else on the team. These games are unacceptably bad.

Dying to a sextuple attack. How wonderful!

Yeah, I’m not going to finish this game. I have no idea what the game expects me to do against a 350 HP boss with sextuple attacks.

Falnarion Tactics Oathbreaker (July 2021)

This is not even a SRPG. It’s a collection of sidequests without any unifying story.

All of the sidequests are recycled from Falnarion Tactics 1. This should not be its own purchase.

If these sidequests look familiar, that’s because they are familiar. They’re the exact same ones from Falnarion 1.

In summary

The only Team Syukino game I can sort of recommend is Falnarion Tactics 1. It’s not a good game, but there is a nonzero chance that you may find it entertaining in the wrong ways, as I have.

None of these games are well-designed. Team Syukino needs to drastically improve every facet of their development before I can recommend checking out any of their other games. I’m hoping that other SRPG Studio games I try out will be at least a little better.

General Information
Year: 2019 (Falnarion 1 & 2, Beasteria), 2020 (Aeloren), 2021 (Falnarion Oathbreaker)
Console: Steam
Developers: Team Syukino
Team Syukino’s website:

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3 months ago

Oooh Man, you reaally took a bullet for the team to review all these games so people know how bad they are…
Beastaria was actually on Steam, but was pulled out because it wasn’t finished and the person in charge passed away or something like that… I think that was also why they canceled Aeloren 2

João Guilherme
João Guilherme
3 months ago

I have actually play FE 9 on easy mode and it was harder than it might be on normal because units like titania where on level 20 around chapter 12 so I refuse to use her and use other units such as Mia instead.

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