If you want a chapter-by-chapter guide, then check out our walkthrough. This page is just for general tips and tricks for the game.

  1. Combo attacks. If you like the idea of fighting in teams and gaining the extra stat boosts from matches, then do these. Optimally though, I personally found that it’s easier to beat the game without using any combo attacks. So if you’re some LTC or speedrunning wizard, then the combo system is something you’ll wanna ignore. On the other hand, if you’re a filthy casual (like me), then you’ll find the combo system to be a lot of fun!
  2. Damage calculations. Like in Fire Emblem, the damage calculation here is really simple. For physical attackers, it’s your attack minus the enemy’s defense. For magical attackers, it’s your attack minus the enemy’s resistance. That’s it. I’m unsure how Luck/Combat factor into battle, but I know for a fact that they do not have any bearing on how much your attacks do.
  3. Warp skips. They may as well have named Lilfy “Safy” and predicted FE5, because hot damn, Lilfy’s “Element Road” ability is insane. She learns it at level 9 and you can use it to warp your ally of choice to ANY square on the map. As soon as you get Lilfy to level 9, keep this possibility in mind because it’s really fun to use and has some great practical applications, especially later on in the game. A total of 8 chapters in the game can be warp-skipped. That’s half of the game right there.
  4. Save often, but don’t softlock yourself. As a general rule of thumb, it’s usually good to save at the beginning of your turn. You can potentially softlock yourself if you do something stupid to endanger Ray and then create a situation where it’s impossible for him to survive the enemy phase. So don’t be an idiot and don’t do that. I think even if you do end up doing something like that, there’s always a slim chance that Ray will avoid everything and survive… but still, why would you even try to softlock yourself?
  5. Conserve AP. Abilities such as Doug’s/Amelia’s Spin Blade and Ray’s Rampart Comet are terribly AP inefficient. It’s more cost-effective to use their AP for other things. One big key to success in Valhollian is in budgeting your AP responsibly. You should thus try to avoid spending AP frivolously if you can avoid it. Of course, I am not saying you should never use AP; I’m just saying use it responsibly.
  6. Spend money at the shop. It’s the only thing you can do with your money. Never start a new chapter before spending all of your money!
  7. Mobility Trick. From my chapter 5 walkthrough: “The Boost Ring potentially means +1 mobility for every unit in your party. Here’s how it works. First, equip the Boost Ring on a unit, then move that unit. Before doing ANYTHING else, unequip the Boost Ring, then go on with the rest of your turn. Now, you can do the exact same for the rest of your units, so just rinse and repeat: equip, move, unequip. This may take a bit more time, so you might not want to even bother with this for every turn. But it’s an immensely useful thing to keep in mind for whenever your units need just a one square boost to be able to reach something.”

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